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Want to play tennis competitively? Our Mentor Course, Improvement Plans, and college recruitment outlets provide players with all they need and more. We strive to help you along your journey in the sport by providing you with knowledge and advice that took us years to learn and thousands of dollars of traveling and playing. Be part of the next generation of smarter tennis players and join us today!


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Our course is divided into ten, quick and easy to understand modules that go over some of the most important knowledge that every competitive tennis player should know. We cover information regarding all ages and help lay out a blueprint for success no matter what level you are starting at. Trent and Joseph include their own experiences and advice in this exclusive and personal course environment.



Improvement Plan

One of our most sought after exclusive offers is the Improvement Plan. So what are Improvement Plans?

An improvement plan is a custom tailored plan that our team makes to fit your certain needs or wants. We’ll collect a little information about you and what your goals are and create several weeks of training drills and objectives for you to complete. Not only can you purchase plans for your tennis training but we also have certain areas available for your fitness training! We included an example of what you might get below if you were looking to improve strength and build muscle in your upper body.

Unfortunately though, these plans are available exclusively to our Tennis Mentors Course members. Go check out our course where you can find even more info on Improvement Plans!

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College Tennis Recruiters - CTR

Another amazing exclusive offer we provide to our Tennis Mentors course members is through a deal with our partners, College Tennis Recruiters, also known as CTR. 

CTR is a company founded with the goal of helping juniors get into and plat tennis at the colleges they want. By signing up for their services through us, you will get access at a hugely discounted price. 

CTR will sit down with you and help create a list of colleges that are right for you.  They then strive to earn you both academic and athletic scholarships at these schools by utilizing their team of recruiting professionals. They are so confident in their service, that if they fail to succeed in getting you offers, you will be refunded a majority of the original fee. This is an amazing opportunity to help set up your future so make sure to take action. 

And again, for more info on College Tennis Recruiters and there process, check out our Exclusive Offers video within our Tennis Mentors Course!

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